ultimate driving companion

Radiomize is a brand new way for you to interface and

connect with your car, without compromising safety


drive time JUST got fun


Radiomize monitors your driving, and is operated right from your steering wheel.

The next generation of Steering Wheels

Radiomize is already at your fingertips. It fits onto any steering wheel, uses a few simple gestures. It keeps your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel.

it's all a matter of taste

Radiomize learns your taste in music and news, giving you a rich customized experience.

listen, don't look

Radiomize reads out your important messages as they come in, saving you the dangerous temptation of checking messages while driving.

hands-free hands-on

The ergonomic concept is simple but revolutionary. Radiomize gives your total hands-free control of your driving experience, with total hands-on control of the steering wheel. No longer does the fun part of driving interfere with the business part of it.

meet radiomize's founders

Shmulik Kaz

hosted his own tech show on Israel's largest Internet radio. He also loves extreme sports, and not to brag, but he completed a half-marathon.

Gilad Landau

is an extreme sports buff who knows all about safety. He loves to visit exotic destinations, and his band once had a song on the radio.


the digital driving experience is here